This guide lists and describes the holdings of the John F. Kennedy Library and Museum related to the Ernest Hemingway Collection. It provides assistance to researchers in the proper and productive use of research materials by including information on locating material, using facilities, understanding access restrictions, and citing library holdings. Please direct questions on these and other matters concerning the use of library resources to the Curator of the Ernest Hemingway Collection.

Manuscript collections and oral history interviews are listed in alphabetical sequence. An index is included to help researchers locate relevant collections or interviews.

Keep in mind that the holdings of the John F. Kennedy Library and Museum are donated historical materials. They are materials that were created by private individuals and were donated to the Kennedy Library under terms and conditions specified by each donor and accepted by the Archivist of the United States. Access to each collection or oral history interview is determined by a formal deed of gift or deposit agreement. The library staff strictly adheres to these governing instruments in administering library holdings.

Manuscript Collections


Collections are listed alphabetically as follows:

COLLECTION TITLE date of birth - date of death [if known]
Collection type [Papers, Records, etc.], date range, (bulk date range).
Profession or occupation. Specific title(s) held or activities (dates). Description of materials. Size of collection in cubic feet [1 foot equals roughly 2,000 pages] or number of rolls of microfilm. National Union Catalog of Manuscript Collections (NUCMC) number or National Archives record group number (RG) [where applicable]. Collection status. Cross-references to other collections or oral history interviews in the Kennedy Library.

Closed portions of collections are indicated in individual finding aids. Collections that require the donor's permission or other special restrictions are so marked.

BITTNER, JOHN ROBERT 1943-2002 (#326)
Papers, 1960-2000
Professor, Mass Communications and Journalism, chairman, Department of Radio, Television, and Motion Pictures, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill; author. Drafts of articles, research materials, news clippings, and interviews related to his research on Ernest Hemingway and Robert Ruark, and press coverage of Ernest Hemingway´s death. 0.50 feet. Open.

Records 1980- .
The bulk of the materials are the working files for both The Hemingway Review and Hemingway Notes, the journals of the Hemingway Foundation (1987- ) and Society (1980-87). These comprise manuscripts, subscription files, correspondence, billing files, and printing information. More general papers for the Foundation and Society include files of minutes and agendas, general correspondence, litigation information, and permissions correspondence. 8.5 feet. See also Smith, Paul.

GELLHORN, MARTHA 1908-1998 (#344)
Papers, 1989-1999.
Author, wife of Ernest Hemingway. Artificial collection of correspondence and other papers photocopied from the Ernest Hemingway Collection and Hemingway Miscellaneous Accessions Collection. Less than 1 foot.

HAGEMANN, E(dward) R(obert) 1921-1994 (#91)
Papers, printed materials, 1926-1994.
Educator. Professor of literature, University of Louisville, Kentucky (1964-89). Collected books and other printed materials about or by Ernest Hemingway. 8 feet.

HEMINGWAY, ERNEST (Miller) 1899-1961 (#104)
Papers 1880-1961.
Author, journalist. Draft manuscripts of newspaper articles, short stories and novels; correspondence, photographs, news clippings, books and other printed material. 107 feet.

HEMINGWAY, MARY (WELSH) 1908-1986 (#105)
Papers, 1908-1983.
Journalist, wife of Ernest Hemingway, author, How It Was (1976). Correspondence, manuscripts, articles, personal papers, photographs and printed materials. See also Oral History Interviews. 15 feet.

MASON, JANE 1909-1980 (#321)
Papers, 1932-1959.
Socialite and friend of Ernest and Pauline Hemingway. Correspondence, newspaper clippings, scrapbook, poems and writings, invitations, and photographs. 1 foot.

Papers, 1927-1966
The Papers of the Museum Ernest Hemingway, Republic of Cuba, cover the period 1927 to 1966. They consist of personal papers of Ernest Hemingway, author and journalist, and Mary Hemingway, journalist and fourth wife of Ernest Hemingway, and include manuscripts, correspondence, news clippings, and other material.

SMITH, PAUL 1925-1996 (#219)
Papers, 1980-1996.
Hemingway researcher, author. Founding president, Ernest Hemingway Society (1980-82). Correspondence, books, research materials, and manuscripts by Smith as well as others. 8 feet.

VON KUROWSKY, AGNES 1892-1984 (#299)
Papers, 1918-1985.
Red Cross nurse in Italy during World War I and friend of Ernest Hemingway. Diary and papers. Less than 1 foot.

WALTON, WILLIAM 1909-1994 (#302)
Papers, 1947-1980.
Painter, author, Kennedy and Hemingway family friend. Correspondence with the Hemingways; including a letter from Mary Hemingway and correspondence with Martha Gellhorn. Less than 1 foot. See also Oral History Interviews.

This is an artificial collection of documents donated by multiple donors to the John F. Kennedy Library for inclusion with the Ernest Hemingway Collection. Each entry is a small collection in itself. Collections consist of material supplemental to the Hemingway collection, either original documents or photocopies of originals and include: papers & correspondence of Hemingway's friends, acquaintances, and circle; and miscellaneous research material. Material in the Miscellaneous Accessions collection contains significant, enduring value.

This is an artificial collection of documents donated by multiple donors to the John F. Kennedy Library for inclusion with the Ernest Hemingway Collection. Primarily printed material, these files contain information on many subjects related to Ernest Hemingway, including adaptations of and work inspired by Hemingway works (artwork, drawings, paintings, photographs, postcards, posters, prints); advertisements; awards; bibliographies; catalogs (buyers' guides, guides to holdings of Ernest Hemingway material at other institutions); material produced at Ernest Hemingway related conferences, exhibits, festivals, programs, and press-releases (excluding material produced at the John F. Kennedy Presidential Library & Museum); historical background / research material; maps; merchandise; museum-related material; newspaper clippings of articles (collected from multiple donors versus newspaper clippings collected by Ernest Hemingway or Mary Hemingway—see Ernest Hemingway Newspaper Clippings File); commemorative stamps; and teaching material.

Articles about Ernest Hemingway that were donated to the library by various donors. Includes: popular articles—biography, his life, his haunts; literary articles and analysis; Reviews of his writing, biographies, and other related works—popular and literary; transcripts of speeches or recorded interviews of Hemingway scholars and publishers; and articles about the Hemingway Collection at the JFK. The Vertical File also contains articles by the Hemingway family; interviews about the Hemingway family; unpublished manuscripts of scholarly work; and Hemingway related literary conference papers, speech transcripts, and newsletters.

Oral History Interviews

Interviews are listed as follows:

NAME, date of birth - date of death [if known]
Position, occupation, or other relevant description (dates). Date(s) of interview. Number of pages. Restriction [if any]. Cross reference(s). © [Copyright retained].

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HEMINGWAY, MARY (Welsh) (1908-1986)
Journalist, wife and widow of Ernest Hemingway. Interview about her donation of papers to the John F. Kennedy Library. 1973. 49 pp. See also Archives and Manuscripts, Mary Welsh Hemingway Papers (#105).

KIRK, (Bernard J.) "BARNEY" 1908-
Interview concerning his chance meeting of Ernest Hemingway in Spain. 1993. 23 pp.

Wife of Ernest Hemingway. Written answers to questions about her life with Hemingway. 1962. 76 pp.

WALTON, WILLIAM (1909-1994)
Journalist, author, painter; Kennedy and Hemingway family friend. Interview conducted by Rose Marie Burwell in connection with her research on Ernest Hemingway. 85 pp. See also Archives and Manuscripts.

Audiovisual Archives

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Sound Recordings

Sound recordings 1965.
Interviews, narration, and other recordings produced by CBC for a radio documentary on Ernest Hemingway. 45 items. Permission required to reproduce.



More than ten thousand still photographs in the collection document Hemingway's life, ranging from before his birth to 1961. Organized geographically and chronologically, the still photographs depict Hemingway's childhood in Oak Park, Illinois; upper Michigan, the Hemingway family's summer home; Italy; World War I; Paris; Spain; Key West, Florida; Africa; Cuba; and Idaho. Of note is Hemingway's collection of bullfight photographs. 12 linear feet. Please contact the Audiovisual Department for assistance at 617-514-1622.

Printed Material


A special library of works by and about Ernest Hemingway or his work. Includes biographies, literary criticism, dissertations, theses, articles, and clippings. This portion of the collection is available in the Hemingway Room to researchers with an online catalog of the titles. Of special note are foreign-language editions of Hemingway's works, Mary Hemingway's Book Collection, and the E.R. Hagemann Book Collection.